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FaceApp fired up again after it’s initial launch in 2017. With FaceApp’s AI, the photo can turn from the average selfie to astonishing transformations. Who does not want to look like a celebrity even in just their profile pictures on social media? The ability to check for different hairstyles and colors or even tattoos save you the hassle of regretting your decision after the deed is done. To take it up a notch, looking at your face in the opposite gender (gander swap filter) or an app make face to old is a fun way to make use of advanced technology.

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The viral app of 2019 that has many heads spinning and creating controversy that went as far as the US Congress. 150 million photos uploaded out of curiosity are now at risk of a privacy breach. Is it worth the hassle?

The use of the old filter as a way to keep up with the age challenge creates curiosity and conversation starters for everyone. Despite the controversies behind the FaceApp, it is a great tool that showcases the ability of AI to transform photos. The challenge is how to ensure that the user's identity is safe. They might need to edit their terms and conditions but overall, it is a fun technology. Imagine if it has the 3D capability to transform what you see.

The controversy on FaceApp is overrated. It seems that the company is put on an awkward position because of its affiliation from the country where it originated from. Instead of blaming it in FaceApp, the world especially the legislative bodies should start carefully understanding the power of the internet. It is indeed a powerful tool that could make or break a nation if used incorrectly. Let this be a lesson learned to leaders of the nation to make technology work to their advantage not against them. To the rest of the world, we can never stop that kind of applications from emerging yet we have the power to choose what suits us and best for us.


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